What is financial wellbeing?

‘Financial wellbeing’ refers to how people feel about the control they have over their financial future – and their relationship with money. That includes their ability to respond to financial unpredictability and unexpected expenses. 

People with healthy financial wellbeing can meet their long-term financial goals and make informed choices that allow them to enjoy a meaningful life – both now and in retirement.

Helping you to enjoy a meaningful life – both now and in retirement.

Can financial advice impact financial wellbeing?

We want to nurture the nation's understanding of personal and financial wellbeing and how to improve it. Our report explores the link between money and happiness and how we can build on this for a better financial future. 

Read the impact report here (PDF, 1.7mb) Read the impact report here (PDF, 1.7mb)

Resources to support you 

Financial advice is key to improving financial wellbeing, and supporting and helping you navigate uncertainty is core to what we do. Having partnered with the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW), we’re proud to introduce their series of over 50 wellbeing podcasts.  

The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

Advice Makes Sense

Find out more about how financial advice could help you.