As an existing member, your employer has chosen us to provide your workplace pension.

Here you’ll find lots of information on how you can use your workplace pension to help build up your pension pot.  

It’s important to have all the facts when making decisions about your retirement savings. Your employer will probably have sent you some bits and pieces, but it's good to be as well informed as you can. 

Whether you're just starting out saving into your workplace pension, wanting to find out more about how investments work or starting to think about what happens when you retire, we're here to support you.

Workplace retirement savings toolkit

No matter what stage of your retirement journey you're in, we'll help you navigate your way through. We have a range of support material including core documents, guides, videos, and online content to help you manage and understand your retirement savings.

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Looking after your scheme

Your employer has a duty to make sure they provide you with a fully compliant, fair and strictly governed pension scheme. You can be assured that your arrangement meets all governance requirements.

The chair’s statement is an annual update by the trustee board on key areas of the scheme such as:

  • Investment strategy
  • Administration performance
  • Costs and charges
  • Value for money

It’s an opportunity for the board of trustees to update their members on areas that have performed well over the last 12 months, and areas they have highlighted as needing improvements.

Find the statement relevant to you below. 

Money tips

Here you’ll find money saving ideas, tips to improve your financial wellbeing and articles about making the most of your pension.