Employer toolkit

Helping you manage your scheme

We've put together lots of supporting material to help you set-up, manage and look after your scheme. 

As you go through this, you'll see references to Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC), which is our online, secure platform and to Retiready, which is our online retirement planning tool for members.

Scheme design, set-up and looking after your scheme

The first step on your journey is to design and set-up your scheme and we’re on hand to guide you through this stage.

If you’re using SmartEnrol to manage your auto-enrolment duties, we’ll help you get up and running. And when you’re up and running we’re here to support you and help with your ongoing scheme maintenance.

SmartEnrol is our online tool designed to help you enrol all your eligible employees efficiently. We have supporting items to help you get the most out of it.

Helping your employees join the scheme

You’ll want to make the most of your scheme announcement so that your employees have enough information to make any decisions about becoming a member of your retirement savings scheme.  Here’s some supporting material to help you with this.

  • Help promoting your scheme – let us help you engage your employees with their retirement savings and encourage them to plan for their future.
  • Announcement communications – some templates to help you with announcing a new scheme or for new employees telling them about their new pension scheme.
  • Scheme information sheet template – a ready-made template for an information sheet with all the details of the new scheme.
  • Example illustration – some example illustrations to show employees how much their pension could be worth in the future. Designed to be used with scheme announcement pre-sale communications – they’ll then get a personal illustration shortly after joining.
  • Key features – key features of the ARC plan for your employees – this is a useful document to help understand what the plan gives you.
  • Death benefit form – we encourage everyone to complete one of these forms when they join the scheme.
  • Employee toolkit – lots of things your employees will find useful when they join the scheme.

Items to support our Retiready service, our online retirement planning tool

Data validation tool(Opens new window) – before you upload your member data, it's best practice to check your data to make sure it's accurate – use our data validation tool to help you do this.

Promoting your scheme – if you need help with promoting your workplace pension scheme, we have a number of useful templates you can use.