Offering a high-quality workplace pension is important for any successful business to attract and retain the best talent. We understand that it’s also a significant investment for your business, so it’s crucial that the value of pensions is communicated to your employees. 

Brilliant engagement is the key to delivering highly effective financial education and helping employees achieve long term financial security. When an employer is a big ambassador for their scheme and encourages the workforce to take action, we always see engagement levels.

Linda Whorlow Managing Director, Aegon Workplace Investing

Successful engagement can make a difference

You can make a difference to your employees’ retirement outcomes by making sure they know the benefits a workplace pension brings. It’s a valuable part of any employee’s overall pay package.

As employers, you can also help your employees by making financial wellbeing part of your support framework.

Getting employees engaged with their pension is important. Wherever your employees are in their journey, you can help them increase their financial awareness. 

Employer toolkits

You’ll also have access to our employer toolkit – enabling you to actively engage with your employees from the start. This includes communication suggestions for welcoming and transferring your employees onto our pension scheme. 

All successful engagement strategies are based on understanding your audience. Through our online employer tools, you’re able to gain a full picture of how members are using their pension and see opportunities to provide targeted communications. By engaging and communicating regularly with your employees, you can empower them to do something positive towards their financial future – and work towards their saving goals. 

We provide all employers with guidance on member communications.

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