Our Aegon Retirement Choices workplace savings allows you to offer your employees both an easy to manage self-invested personal pension (SIPP) and more ways to save, such as an ISA.

A group self-invested personal pension (SIPP)

Workplace Aegon Retirement Choices provides a contract-based group SIPP that can be used to meet your automatic enrolment obligations. 

It gives your employees the choice and flexibility to decide how their pension savings are invested. They’ll be able to select from a wide range of investment options, over 5,000 (as at December 2022), across a wide variety of asset classes and markets, in the UK and overseas. It also offers flexible retirement options. 

For all our workplace pension schemes, our Independent Governance Committee  (IGC) makes sure we’re delivering value for money for your employees. 

More ways to save

Your employees are likely to have shorter-term saving needs, as well as longer-term financial goals. And we’re able to offer them the ability to save in more than just a pension. Aegon Retirement Choices can be set up to include a ​stocks and shares ISA and a general investment account (GIA) – providing additional savings options. 

So, is Aegon Retirement Choices right for you?

By offering a SIPP, ISA and a GIA in one place, every employee can adapt to their changing saving needs – during their working life and beyond.

It makes it easy to help employees save in the way that works best for them:

Proposition flexibility

Use our platform to offer employees a simple pension-only (SIPP) solution, or a full wealth platform, combining a SIPP, ISA and a GIA. It’s up to you.

Investment choice

From our default solution for members who don’t want to make an investment choice, to our ‘self-select’ investments, the SIPP offers choice.

‘Gating’ facility

This feature makes it easy for your employees to control their investment choices, with a wide range of investments and asset types split into different levels or ‘gates’. Each gate provides employees with increased access, revealing more sophisticated investment options to suit an individual’s knowledge and experience. 

The online experience

You’ll have access to our straightforward online service to administer your pension, giving you access to comprehensive reporting for flexible management. 

Your employees also benefit from an intuitive online space, where they can easily manage their savings. They’ll be able to track their investment progress at any time, switch investments, and move easily from building their pension pot to generating a retirement income.

Where a member has their own financial adviser, access to the member’s platform account can be provided to the adviser firm.

The value of a pension can go down as well as up. Employees could get back less than they invested.