How Aegon UK uses cookies

We will use cookies to:

  • help us understand how our websites and apps are used on an aggregated (not individual) basis, so we can improve them for you
  • provide an enhanced user experience for you
  • provide services that are necessary for the running of the web

we recommend you allow cookies so you can:

  • Get the best experience and additional functionality
  • Help us improve our websites and apps - we need to understand how our content is used to make it better. The cookies we use don't collect information that could identify you personally, but they do help us understand:
    • which pages are most popular – so we can make these as accessible as possible
    • which pages aren’t being used – so we can remove content that isn’t of value
    • what’s being searched for – so we can improve access to most requested information
    • where errors are being displayed – so we can fix these for you
    • where we need to focus our development effort as trends in browser usage (eg Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and device types (eg tablets, desktops, mobiles) change

All of this helps us develop the sites to deliver a better experience for you. Without this information, we will have less insight into what our users want. Please help us deliver a better experience to you by allowing cookies.

Set your cookie preferences

On first visit to our websites, an information box will be displayed advising that cookies are in use, with links to our privacy policy and this cookie information page.

You can tell us the types of data you wish to communicate by setting your cookie preferences. Depending on your settings, we can save your preferences, expand your access to content, optimise platform performance and speeds, and connect you to possible benefits.

Cookie preferences are controlled by OneTrust

Undocumented cookies

Although we’ve carried out a comprehensive audit of our sites, it’s possible that we may have missed a cookie from our lists above. If you happen to find one that is being set on our sites but isn’t listed above, please do let us know.