Communicating the value of your workplace pension is vital to encourage your members to make the most of their pension. This can also help towards overall employee wellbeing and financial resilience.  

We help you communicate pension benefits by providing a suite of communications, covering launching your campaign, through to transfers and ongoing engagement. This includes useful resources to save you time, such as email templates, posters introducing your new scheme and desktop screen savers. 

Why communicate pension basics?

It’s a good idea to start with the basics of how pensions work, making pensions clear and easy to understand from the outset.

By communicating the benefits of your pension scheme in simple, easy to understand language, you can guide members on the journey to pension confidence. Having clear information about their pension, allows scheme members to make informed decisions and gives them the confidence to save for the long-term – knowing that you, their employer, are also making contributions to their future. 

Introduce them to financial wellbeing

We want your employees to feel good about their money and future savings. Encouraging conversations around financial wellbeing is another way you can take care of your workforce and develop employee engagement. 

Financial wellbeing is evidence-based – the latest research from The Centre of Economic and Business Research (CEBR) found that monetary concerns resulted in high costs due to employee absenteeism and presenteeism. The CEBR also discovered that having a poor money mindset can have a significant cost impact on all business sizes – so increasing your employees’ financial resilience is worthwhile. 

We supply a range of financial wellbeing tools and resources that you can share with employees.

Personalise your pension communications

You can see how members are using their pension, as well as opportunities to provide targeted communications through our Member Insights tool. Think about using this to tailor and personalise your communications as far as possible. 

Regular, bite-size campaigns

Ideally, communicate regularly with your employees about their pension to maintain awareness and savings momentum. Bite-size chunks of information are easier for members to digest and fit into their busy days – you could even detail how long any articles you share take to read.

We also provide short, personalised video summaries for each member, and results show these are increasing pension engagement. Highlight these to your members as they provide an easy way for them to stay on top of their pension. Each video brings a member’s pension to life with real data that’s unique to them. 

Take a look at an example of our personalised video summary to see what members will receive.

Personalised video summaries