Over 3.2 million private sector workers have taken time off due to poor financial wellbeing, resulting in a total of about 16 million worker days lost, according to the 2023 Centre of Economic and Business Research (CEBR) report.

We’re committed to supporting you to improve financial wellbeing in your workforce. To do this, we partner with some of the leading researchers in the financial wellbeing space – bringing financial wellness into focus with evidence-backed tools and resources. 

Financial Wellbeing Index

Our Financial Wellbeing Index is an exciting research initiative into the nation's financial wellbeing. We conducted extensive research, asking more than 10,000 UK residents a series of questions to better understand their relationship with money. This gives a clear snapshot of what the financial wellbeing landscape of the UK looks like. 

financial wellbeing stones

Our findings indicate that financial wellbeing is about more than just people's financial position. It’s also about mindset and paying attention to the things that matter to us most as individuals. We also provide insights into the motivations that can affect long-term savings and financial goals — parts of your employees’ lives that you’re involved with too.

Research partnerships for financial wellbeing

The University of Edinburgh

How can a person’s idea of their ‘future self’ help improve their financial wellbeing? This question is the foundation of one of our latest research projects. Working in partnership with the Edinburgh Futures Institute and the University of Edinburgh Business School, we’re examining how connecting with the future can help improve people’s relationship with money. 

The two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership sees experts from the institutions collaborate with Aegon’s centre for behavioural research. Our aim is to develop a new approach to financial engagement incorporating the latest thinking from neuroscience and anthropology, linked to people developing a better picture of their future life.

Institute for Financial Wellbeing

We’re proud to be founding partners of the Institute for Financial Wellbeing (IWF) – a member-led organisation that helps financial advisers, planners, and coaches to improve their clients’ financial wellbeing. The IWF holds regular events across the UK, as well as providing expertise on learning and development for financial wellbeing. 

Our access to experts in the industry and the latest thought leadership gives us a credible voice when supporting you with your employees’ financial wellbeing.

The Centre for Economic and Business Research

In their latest research on behalf of Aegon, Economic think tank, The Centre of Economic and Business Research (CEBR) has quantified the costs of poor financial wellbeing for employers and means you can clearly attribute the value of improving financial wellbeing amongst your employees. It gives you the facts and evidence to help present a 'business case' for financial wellbeing to senior stakeholders in your company, enabling you to better support your employees.