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This section looks at the possibility of combining your pensions. We also introduce Retiready, the online platform where you can track your savings.

Combining your pensions

More and more of us are switching jobs several times in our lives. This means that our pension funds are often scattered about, which can make it hard to get a complete picture of our savings or how on track we are for retirement. Moving your retirement savings into one pot, in one place, could help you take control.

You can find out more about combining your pensions by visiting our consolidation page.


Retiready allows you to take control of your retirement planning so you can track your savings and retirement goals in one place. Having all your retirement plans together could make it easier to manage and gives you a chance to focus on your bigger retirement picture.

Retiready Score

Our unique Retiready score helps you understand if you're on track with your retirement expectations. Answer a few simple questions about your retirement savings and we'll give you a score that shows you how close you are to the retirement you want. Was the score not as good as you expected? Fear not. We can help you put together a plan to help you reach your retirement goals.

Watch our video to discover more about Retiready Score.

The following video is about Get your Retiready Retirement readiness score and has a transcript (see below).