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Retiready is a retirement planning service from Aegon. Take control of your savings for retirement.

Retirement Score and Tools

A simple score to assess how ready you are for retirement as well as access to our retirement tools and calculators. Find out more about Score.

Taking control

Retiready gives you the option to view your savings, set your retirement goals and withdraw your pension online. Take control of your financial future with the Retiready Pension and ISA.

Forward thinking

Your Retirement Planner helps you assess your lifestyle choices to help make informed decisions towards your retirement.

The Retiready Score is a number out of 100 that helps you understand how ready you are for retirement.

Get started

Your Retiready score can be updated at any time. Check your progress with our Retiready Score.

Get your Retiready Score

What is Aegon Assist?

Aegon Assist is a guidance service from a team of specialists based in the UK. Our aim is to help you understand your retirement savings and the options available to you. We don’t provide advice. If you need financial advice we recommend you contact an adviser, which you may need to pay for.

Benefits for you:

  • Understanding how you can save for retirement and your options when you get there
  • Clear information about Aegon products

Your Retirement Options

Our Retirement Planner helps you plan for your retirement using four steps. We’ll help you get prepared and understand the options to let you take your income for retirement.

Cash lump sum

Take your money as a cash lump sum. 25% of your cash lump sum is tax free. Partial lump sums and small pots are also available.

Flexible regular income

Flexi-access drawdown keeps your money invested with the option of still taking an income or a lump sum when you want to.

Guaranteed regular income

An annuity will provide you guaranteed regular income in retirement for a fixed time or for the rest of your life. The choice is yours.