You may have to login to your account to find out the name of the fund(s) you’re invested in. Most of Aegon’s lifestyle funds have ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Default’, ‘Journey’, ‘Annuity Target’, ‘Flexible Target’ or ‘Cash Target’ in the fund name on the fund factsheet. Shortened names in fund lists or online will include ‘LS’, ‘LFS’, ‘Tgt Ann’, ‘Tgt Cash’, ‘Tgt Drdn’ or ‘WPS’. For a full list of all our lifestyle funds, go to our Lifestyle fund finder.

If you’re within a few years of retiring there may also be a number after the fund name on your annual statement. The number is the year we have on record for you to retire in e.g. Universal Lifestyle Collection 2025 is the Universal Lifestyle Collection fund for those due to retire in 2025. Unless you’ve selected a retirement date yourself, this may be based on your scheme retirement age, for example, 65 years.

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Please remember that the value of an investment can fall as well as rise and isn't guaranteed.

The value of your pension pot when you come to take benefits may be less than has been paid in.

Your choice of investment fund can have a big effect on your pension benefits. If you're in any doubt about which fund's right for you, you should speak to a professional financial adviser. MoneyHelper gives free and impartial guidance to help make your money and pension choices clearer. If you don't have a financial adviser, you can visit MoneyHelper to find the right one for you.