Master Trust - for employers

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The trustees are committed to improving people’s financial wellbeing. They've developed the Aegon Master Trust (AMT) – a well-governed way for you to provide your employees with a pension.

Bringing together the right expertise

They've worked in partnership with a range of experts, including employers, advisers, Aegon and members, to design the Scheme. It reduces the costs and risks compared to running your own workplace pension scheme – and gives members the right information, tools and support to build a better future.

The trustees look after the interests of the Scheme members and manage all compliance and regulatory requirements. All supported by Aegon who take care of scheme administration and everyday management – and who can offer help with the processes whenever you need.

Hand the governance of your workplace pension scheme to the experts and focus on what really matters to you and your business. 

The AMT all adds up to an answer that works for you and your employees. Say goodbye to the ever-increasing burden of compliance and pensions regulations. And say hello to a flexible, cost-effective option.

Let us take the load

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to workplace pensions – and the regulations are increasingly stringent. That’s why it makes sense to pass the burden to the experts. AMT’s highly knowledgeable and independent Board of Trustees know the rules inside and out. Keeping you compliant with changing regulations, sorting out the charging and even choosing the investment fund options.

Excellent flexibility

But it’s not one-size-fits-all. All companies are different, and you can flex your AMT to suit your particular needs. Aegon will help you with this.

For example, you can use the off-the-shelf fund range, with pre-selected default and member-select options depending on your employees’ risk profiles. You and your employees can rest assured that the funds they’re invested in are powered by the world’s biggest asset manager, Blackrock.

The trustees believe people should feel in control of their financial futures. And the trustees work tirelessly to help members make informed, confident decisions about their savings plans and investment choices. So far, we’ve supported over 3.5 million people in the UK to feel more connected to their financial choices – in the run-up to and during retirement.

If it matters to them – it matters to us

The trustees are always striving to understand our members’ needs and learn from them – leading to better support and better engagement from members. This is why Aegon have set up a Member Panel, where they hear all about people’s likes, dislikes and needs.

This learning is embedded into our communications, so the AMT, service and tools are insight-driven and extensively tested to help engage your employees.

Supporting members, now and in the future

The AMT has been designed to support people throughout their working lives and into retirement. There is an in-plan drawdown capability – something that isn’t offered by all master trust providers. This lets members stay within the master trust arrangement when they enter into drawdown.

Aegon's core focus is creating financial security for people across the UK and beyond. They've been looking after people’s pensions and savings in the UK for nearly 200 years, and have around 29 million customers around the globe. Every day they help individuals to plan and save for their future.

Aegon works closely with those around them to keep doing better and, most importantly, to keep working towards more secure financial futures for everyone.

Driven by insight

Aegon listens to employers, members, advisers and independent experts. They're investing continually in customer insight, specialist research and product development. Aegon's extensive experience, and in-depth understanding of the industry can answer both employer challenges and member needs.

This all helps to continually develop the right products and services to advance people's long-term savings and investment goals.

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