Master Trust

The Aegon Master Trust (AMT) is a full-service defined-contribution solution. It offers simplicity and convenience with all the governance advantages of a trust-based pension scheme. 

The AMT lets employers hand over pension governance to a trustee board that has both professional trustees and experienced retirement savings professionals. Scheme members are supported by the pension and investment oversight of these trustees who have a legal obligation to work in their members’ best interests. 

The AMT combines independent governance with a flexible investment capability, robust administration and tailored communications that aim to create better outcomes for members. 


The AMT is an authorised master trust. This means that it meets a set of regulatory criteria set by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). The AMT is published on the Pensions Regulator’s list of authorised master trusts. You can find the list of authorised master trusts here(Opens new window)

For employers

The Aegon Master Trust is a straightforward and well-governed way for you to provide a quality pension. We’ve worked closely with employers and advisers to design this flexible defined-contribution option. 

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For members

The Aegon Master Trust is a workplace pension scheme that helps people like you build a better financial future. We do everything we can to help you make better choices about your retirement and long-term savings goals. 

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