Master Trust - full governance at lower cost 

Making trust-based pensions simple and convenient

The Aegon Master Trust is a full-service defined contribution (DC) solution that offers simplicity and convenience with all the governance advantages of a trust-based pension scheme. As the focus on pension governance intensifies, many employers are looking for a cost-efficient DC solution with a governance structure that meets their business needs and safeguards the interests of their workforce.

The Aegon Master Trust lets employers hand over pension governance to professional trustees at a cost that’s likely to be lower than those associated with maintaining an in-house board of trustees. Members are supported by the pension and investment oversight of these professional trustees who have a legal fiduciary to work in their members’ best interests.

Select your level of involvement

The Aegon Master Trust combines professional, independent governance with our flexible investment capability and tailored communications, all aiming to create better outcomes for members.

For example, if you don’t want to the responsibility of selecting your scheme’s investment range yourself, you can use our off-the-shelf fund range, which includes pre-selected default and member-select options to accommodate a broad range of member risk profiles.

If you want to create a customised investment solution, the Aegon Master Trust allows for considerable governance input and investment flexibility.

In-plan drawdown capability

Customer feedback and research told us that companies offering trust-based schemes wanted to maintain their enhanced level of governance into the drawdown phase of their members’ retirement journeys.

So, to advance our master trust proposition further, we’ve now created an in-plan drawdown capability – something that isn’t offered by all master trust providers. 

Now members can stay within the master trust arrangement when they enter into drawdown - allowing them to maintain the benefits of trustee oversight and governance throughout retirement. 

Independent accreditation

The Aegon Master Trust has obtained independent assurance of scheme quality against a defined set of criteria agreed by The Pensions Regulator(Opens new window), and is on the Regulator’s published list of schemes with the assurance accreditation.

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