Fund choice

A workplace savings scheme with Aegon can provide your members with all the investment choice they need – both to build their retirement savings and to help generate a long-term income in retirement.

We provide a full range of default, lifestyling and member-select fund choices spanning the risk-reward spectrum.

Default option

For members who don’t want to make an investment choice, we provide a robust default option, LifePath Flexi. 

LifePath Flexi is a diversified lifestyling fund that aims to provide members with investment growth potential during their working life then gradually reduces risk as retirement approaches. It assumes that the member will want to move to income drawdown on retirement.

LifePath Flexi begins with a 80%+ equity exposure then  glides towards an asset allocation of approximately 40% global equities and 60% fixed income by  the member’s target retirement date. At the target retirement date, members will be invested directly in an undated LifePath Flexi Fund which will maintain the same 40%/60 asset allocation mix into retirement to support income drawdown.


Whether as an alternative to default fund chosen by the employer, or as a member choice, we provide three options for the LifePath fund range.

Each LifePath choice manages a member’s investment for them by automatically altering how their money is invested as they approach their chosen retirement date. Each LifePath strategy aims to provide the member with an opportunity to grow their savings over their working life, whilst managing risk as they get close to retirement.

There are three LifePath strategies for members to choose:

LifePath offers members three lifestyling options: 

LifePath Flexi

Typically the default option - for those planning to leave their savings invested in retirement and drawdown income from them.

LifePath Retirement

For those planning to buy an annuity at their target retirement age.

LifePath Capital

For those planning to take their retirement savings as a cash lump sum at their target retirement age.

Self-select fund choices

If you wish to allow your members to create their own investment strategy, we can provide a wide range of funds managed by a selection of leading and specialist fund managers.

Funds available span:

  • all major asset classes (e.g.  equities, bonds, property, multi-asset, sector-specialist and money market);
  • all geographic markets (e.g. UK, overseas, global and emerging markets), and
  • both actively managed and passive index-tracking strategies.