I'm having trouble registering

For financial advisers only

To access online services you need to be listed on the Financial Conduct Authority Financial Services Register.

Unipass Certificate

If you haven’t already registered for Unipass, please visit Unipass, and select the ‘Unipass Identity’ option.

If you have registered with Unipass to login please return to the Login page and select ‘Log in with Unipass’. To complete this process you'll need your AEGON agency number.

Your agency number can be found on a commission statement, if you require a reminder please email agencyoperationsmb@aegon.co.uk. Our email system and the way we deal with data internally is secure. However, we’re unable to ensure the security of emails before they reach us so please consider this and do not include any personally sensitive, financial or banking information that has not been appropriately secured. 

User ID

If you don’t wish to use Unipass, you can register for username and password access. Please see our contact us page to find the right phone number. You'll be asked for the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Agency number you wish to access.
  • Company Address
  • FRN
  • Email address

Support page

Return to the Aegon and Scottish Equitable pension and/or bond customer support page for more help and guidance.