Finding an adviser

We want everyone in the UK to hit their retirement goals. Pension advice from an independent expert can make all the difference.

An adviser can help you identify your financial priorities and put together a plan to help you achieve them. Financial advisers can talk you through the benefits, risks, charges and tax implications of different savings options, and have access to the latest product research. This means they’re well placed to help you build a savings plan that could make all the difference to your financial future.

You can find a financial adviser near you by using MoneyHelper. Your adviser may charge a fee to make recommendations about how and where you should invest, based on your individual aims and circumstances.

Do I need advice?

Depending on your plans and how comfortable you are with finances, you may need to get some professional financial advice from an independent financial adviser. Have a look at our 'Advice explained' infographic.

If you're happy making your own financial decisions, have a look at our digital retirement planning service(Opens new window)

Graphic illustrating a simplified advice process Advice explained in our infographic