A short film about how to get the most out of your customer dashboard. 


Our new customer dashboard is designed to help you manage your investments.


The old way of doing things was fine, but we’re always looking to make things better for you.


Using new technology, we can bring you our services all in one easy to use place. It can quickly give you a greater understanding of your finances, let you see how your investments are performing, as well as help you and your intermediary, if you have one, make decisions about what to do next. And that will save you the one thing we’re all short of… time.


But don’t think we’re leaving you to go it alone - the dashboard is full of helpful information that will support you throughout your investment process. And if you need to, you should also get some financial advice or guidance.


Our key focus throughout the development of this service was to make it easy to use. We’ve even made it fully flexible, meaning you can use it on whatever device - desktop, tablet or mobile - any time you want to.

Looking for more help?

Our customer support has a range of topics with answers to help you, if you still require further assistance you can also find out how to get in touch.