A guide to switching funds online using our customer dashboard.


Like with using anything new, you’ll need a hand to get started. This guide will introduce you to Aegon’s customer dashboard, and show you how to manage your investments, as well as how to switch funds. Your adviser, if you have one, might do this for you.


Our simple, comprehensive dashboard lets you see and manage your investments and make the changes you want to.


So, let's show you how you can change the mix of investments you hold, which is also known as switching funds.


Once you’ve logged in you’ll be taken to the investments screen.


Select the product you’d like to view and manage. Then select switch funds. If you're not sure which funds you want to switch into, you can click the research button to find out what the options are. It's important to make sure the fund you choose is suitable for your needs - taking into consideration things like level of charges and so on.


Selecting the switch funds button, will take you through a guided process.


First you’ll be asked to select the amount you’d like to sell from each fund, either by percentage or value.


Next you can tell us which funds you want to switch into by selecting 'add funds'. Remember to use the research button if you need to.


From there you can search for the fund you want to invest in by typing the fund's name into the search box. Select the fund that you want to buy.


Then tell us how much you want to buy. Remember the total amount you buy should add up to the same value in pounds as the funds you’ve told us to sell.


Each fund will have its own objectives, charges, risk profile and fund specific risks. You can read about these in the Key Investor Information Document, or KIDD for short. You can find the KIID by selecting the fund name - you must read this before you can switch. Get financial advice or guidance if you feel you need to. Don’t forget that the value of an investment can fall as well as rise, and you could get back less than you invest.


Finally, we’ll double check that you’re happy with the switch and show you any relevant documentation, which we’ll then save for you in your document store. Job done!

Looking for more help?

Our customer support has a range of topics with answers to help you, if you still require further assistance you can also find out how to get in touch.