Taking on the hard work of auto-enrolment for you

Auto-enrolment was introduced by the government to improve levels of pension saving among working people.

By making workplace pension contributions automatic – unless an employee opts out – auto-enrolment aims to get many more people saving for later life. As an employer, auto-enrolment is your responsibility. Workers who meet certain conditions will need to be automatically enrolled into your workplace pension scheme if they’re not already in a pension. Other workers also have the right to join or opt in to the pension scheme if they want.

Automate your auto-enrolment tasks

As an employer, we know you want an auto-enrolment solution that’s cost and time efficient, and also one that you can rely on to perform your legislative duties accurately.

SmartEnrol is an intelligent online service that automates your auto-enrolment tasks. It will work out which of your employees are affected by the legislation and when you need to take action. This means you stay in control of all the key decisions and we deliver the administration in a simple and straightforward way.

SmartEnrol will:

  • Categorise your employees in line with the new legislation – eligible, non-eligible and entitled
  • Manage your mandatory communication requirements
  • Manage the opt out/opt in/joining process
  • Verify the payments for each worker based on their category
  • Provide ongoing monitoring of all employees for any changes to their auto-enrolment status
  • Support your cyclical automatic re-enrolment duties

Auto-enrolment in experienced hands

We've successfully supported thousands of employers through auto-enrolment. We pride ourselves on our speed of communication delivery, accurate compliance monitoring and the ability to manage auto-enrolled employees securely and reliably, whatever outcome they choose.

No matter how complicated or non-standard your payroll structure may be, look to SmartEnrol to help make your auto-enrolment duties simple.

Member Insights

Our comprehensive governance solution providing insight and analysis of your scheme with actionable and measureable data.


Manage your pension scheme efficiently with real-time management information about members, investments and contribution trends.


We've put together lots of supporting material to help you set-up, manage and look after your scheme.