Helping save for your future

Between 2012 and 2018, over 11 million people in the UK will be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension.

To encourage more workers to save for their future, the government has introduced rules. Employers now have to:

  • automatically enrol all eligible workers into a pension scheme
  • make relevant contributions into their pension plan where applicable

Your employer is affected by these rules and so are you. Even if you’re not being automatically enrolled into a pension scheme, you can still ask to join. You might also get a contribution from your employer and the government too.

Where do you fit in?

Whether or not you’ll be enrolled automatically into your company pension scheme depends on your age and earnings. You also must be working in the UK.

Not all workers will be automatically enrolled. We’ve explained the rules here so you can work out where you fit in.

Age Yearly Salary How auto enrolment affects you
At least 16 and under 22 Over £10,000 Not automatically enrolled but have the option to opt in*
At least 22 and under state pension age Over £10,000
Automatically enrolled – can opt out within one month*
At least state pension age and under 75 Over £10,000 Not automatically enrolled but have the option to opt in*
At least 16 and under 75 Over £5,824 and up to and including £10,000 Not automatically enrolled but have the option to join**

*You may have to pay personal contributions as well as receiving contributions from your employer. You’ll benefit from some tax relief from the government on any personal contributions you make. The amount of tax relief you’ll receive depends on your individual circumstances.

**Your employer doesn’t have to pay into your pension. You can find out if they will by checking with your employer.

Regardless of which of the above categories you fall into, you’ll still have the chance to be a member of your company pension scheme.

How we invest your pension savings

We invest the money in your pension plan into funds. If you’ve been automatically enrolled or opt into your scheme, your contributions will be automatically invested in the default fund chosen by your employer. This means you’re invested from day one.

Your employer will have chosen a fund that they think best meets the average needs of their workforce, but it may not be the best fit for you. If you want more control over where your money is invested, you can choose a fund that’s more tailored to your needs. There’s a wide range of quality options available to Aegon savers including our innovative Risk Target funds, which make investing easy by offering a risk-investment strategy conveniently packaged in just one fund.

See the full list of funds available.

Reviewing your plan regularly

Ask yourself:

  • Are you saving enough?
  • Are you saving more or less than you’d like?
  • Can you afford to pay more money in?
  • Are you invested in the right funds?

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