We aim to help members make informed investment choices that will support them throughout their working lives until they start their retirement journey.

From the moment they join your scheme, your members will have access to a range of investment support, starting with their welcome pack, access to tools and educational material. Our goal is to help your members engage with their investments to make the right choices for them.

What we offer your scheme members

Welcome communications

Emails and worksite presentations and brochures provide fund information and help engage members to make informed investment choices.

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We offer a wealth of online information and videos to help your employees understand their investment choices.  

Regular updates

We make sure to update members on any changes affecting their funds, with details of any actions we’re taking as a result. 

Preparing for retirement

As members approach retirement, we write to them to remind them of their investment choices to encourage them to review their investments. In particular, we offer support to those in default and other lifestyle funds. 

Support for employers

Support is available on request online and through our contact centre, particularly during periods of market uncertainty. 

We also run quarterly webinars and podcasts keeping you and advisers up to date with market trends and regulations affecting investments. 

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Important information

The value of investments and any income taken, can fall as well as rise and isn’t guaranteed. The final value of a member’s pension pot when they come to take benefits may be less than has been paid in. 

Responsible investing

Discover up-to-date information on what we’re doing to help employers future-proof their schemes and provide members with sustainable and responsible investment choices.