Turn insights into action

We understand how important it is for you to keep informed about how your scheme is doing. That’s why we offer comprehensive management information, so you can manage your pension scheme efficiently, empowering you to turn insights into action. You can view management information reports at any time that’s convenient to you, securely online.

These reports summarise findings in easy-to-understand charts and graphs for you and your team, making reporting efficient. The data available includes:

  • Membership details.
  • Financial information – such as scheme value and contribution details (split by total contributions, employer and employee contributions).
  • Details of members due to retire.
  • Investment information – asset value, number of members invested in a particular fund.

 All data is anonymised to maintain confidentiality.

Member Insights tool

We also offer free access to Member Insights for workplace schemes with over 50 active members. It’s a time-saving online reporting tool that’s designed to provide data oversight and scheme governance all in one place.

What are the benefits of using Member Insights? 

Simple retirement savings governance

Member Insights presents an easy-to-understand governance report, with graphs and commentary that allow your governance committee to keep up to date with information. This minimises administration and means there’s no need to analyse[MA1]  complex data – giving you time back to focus on delivering value for your members.

Insightful member data

By monitoring the data, you can understand the retirement savings position of your scheme members and see whether they're actively involved with their workplace retirement savings.

You’ll be able to spot any concerns or opportunities quickly and can see where people may need extra support. Using a simple alert system, it highlights key areas that you may want to address such as reviewing contributions and pension health-checks.

With information that’s available 24/7 and the option to download and edit reports – we’re helping you and your scheme adviser keep things simple and tune in to members’ needs.

Targeted, data-driven communications

From contributions to consolidation, you can use the data in Member Insights to create meaningful, targeted communication campaigns for your members.

It enables you to act on the data through issuing auto-generated and targeted email campaigns to help drive better retirement outcomes. It gives you the confidence that you’re engaging and educating your members in the best way you can.

After your communications are delivered, Member Insights provides statistics so you can measure how campaigns have performed.

We created Member Insights because we understand the need to improve the outcomes for your employees. Please speak to your Aegon contact for more details.