We've created practical, online helpful resources and information for you to easily share with your employees. With soaring inflation, the need for financial wellbeing support has never been more important.

Online tools and resources you can share

Financial wellbeing tool

We have created a financial wellbeing tool for you to share with employees to help them improve their financial wellbeing.

By answering ten questions, they'll get insight into the ten elements of financial wellbeing and a suite of helpful content that's tailored to them – covering everything from financial literacy to rainy-day saving.  

Financial wellbeing flipbook

Our flipbook includes the insight from our Financial Wellbeing Index research – based on one of the UK’s largest surveys of its kind.

We asked more than 10,000 people in the UK about their financial resilience and behaviours, and the results are backed-up by behavioural science. There’s also suggested actions that your employees can take to better understand, engage with, and feel in control of their finances.

Financial plan

A written financial plan could make your employees more accountable to their goals, clearer on their priorities, and give them a better sense of what they would like to achieve. It will also mean they can see whether they’re on track with their finances or not. Encourage your employees to try our financial planning template. 

Best life tool

Our research shows that the more people visualise a picture of their best life, the more likely they are to make better financial decisions. This could involve, among other things, taking steps that mean they could have a lower debt-to-income ratio. So, we created ‘Picture your best life’ to help people think about what they want their future to look like in a fun and creative way. 

The online tool takes the user through 9 questions, covering different elements of how they might live their best life in the future. They’re presented with a gallery wall based on their selections which they can download or share, and relevant call to actions – encouraging employees to log in to their account, write a financial plan, or make steps towards their future vision. 

Communicate with your employees in creative and engaging ways

From webinars to videos, there are many engaging ways you can communicate with employees about financial wellbeing. We have a teaser video that you can use to help introduce financial wellbeing conversations, as well as access to Pension Geeks resources. Pension Geeks make long-term pension saving topics easy to understand, in plain English. 

There are also some podcasts you could share, such as Radio 4’s Money Box and the Financial Wellbeing podcast. Perfect for on-the-go resources to listen to on a walk or commute. 

Signpost free, reliable services 

  • Help employees control spending with a free budget planner from MoneyHelper. Also highlight that MoneyHelper have many useful tools, such as a pension calculator, and a team of who can offer financial guidance. 
  • If any of your employees are struggling with money, Citizens Advice have a Money Talk Team helpline who can provide personalised advice over the phone or via webchat. 
  • Let your employees know about Pension Wise – a government service that provides free, impartial pensions guidance for defined contribution pension options. Setting up an appointment with Pension Wise is intended to give them a better understanding what their overall financial situation will be when they retire. 
  • Aegon Assist is our UK-based pensions guidance service, which is free for members who have a pension with us. The service can help members make informed pension decisions. Aegon Assist can’t give financial advice.  

Financial resilience for all

Money worries affect people of all incomes – where more than half (55%) of average earners and more than 1 in 3 top earners worry about money.1 So, make sure to check in with all your employees – as many high and middle-income earners can also have financial anxiety. 

Being stressed about finances can have a negative impact on a person's physical health as well as on your company's bottom line. Employees under financial stress are more likely to miss work and be less engaged or productive when at work.2

By focusing on education, communication, and guidance to support your employees, you can raise awareness of financial wellbeing and show them how to plan for their future. This can lead to happier, healthier, and more motivated employees — and a more successful business. 

  1. How you can improve your financial wellbeing. Data source, Aegon, Financial Wellbeing research carried out in August – September 2021, 10,021 respondents. Flipbook updated April 2022.
  2. Financial wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Data source, A Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) report for Aegon, September 2023. 

More about financial wellbeing and productivity in the workplace

You can find out more about financial wellbeing and productivity in the workplace in the Centre for Economics and Business Research report.