The reason for this is because the way charges are applied is different for each product.

On 1 January 2001, our funds changed from ‘bid/offer’ pricing to ‘single pricing’ so for some of our older pension and life products we still show bid/offer prices. 

Bid/offer pricing

The bid price is the price at which you can sell units in the fund, and the offer price is the price at which you can buy units. Bid/offer prices may apply to you, even if you joined a scheme after 2001, if the scheme you belong to was set up before 2001.


‘Single-priced funds’ apply to pension schemes or plans taken out after 1 January 2001 and show one price for both buying and selling units.


When Stakeholder legislation was introduced on 6 April 2001, we launched a new pricing series taking the price cap into account. These are also single priced, with one price for both buying and selling units. You can find out more about stakeholder funds.

Investors can find out which pricing basis applies to them by:

  • Asking their adviser
  • Looking at their policy conditions (and any updates to these)
  • Calling our helpdesk on 0345 610 0010*
  • Filling out a contact form at

*Call charges will vary.

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