From 31 December 2023, we updated the benchmark for the Scottish Equitable JPMorgan Natural Resources fund across our insured Pension, Life and Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) fund ranges.

We’re writing to all those affected to let them know about the change.

Nothing else about the fund changed because of this update.

The change in more detail

Benchmarks are used to measure a fund’s performance against similar types of investments, similar markets or regions.

The benchmark for this fund was the EMIX Global Mining Gold and Energy index. This has been discontinued and so we’ll no longer use this as a benchmark on our fund factsheet.

The fund will continue to be classified in the Association of British Insurers (ABI) Commodity/Energy sector and this information will continue to be shown on the fund factsheet. Grouping funds in this way can make it easier to compare their performance against similar types of fund and investment strategies.

The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You could get back less than you invest.

What this means for investors

We’ll update our literature and our website as soon as we can, but investors may notice the benchmark in use for a time.

You can find more information about this fund in the fund factsheet on the ‘Fund prices and performance’ page on our website and selecting ‘Other fund ranges’ or ‘Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC).

What current investors need to do

Existing investors don’t need to do anything. However, if you’re invested in this fund and you’d
like more information, please speak to your financial adviser. If you don’t have one, you can visit to find the right one for you.