We regularly review additional expenses for all our insured funds as part of our commitment to provide a clear indication of costs to our customers. As a result of our last annual review, we made changes to the additional expenses of some of our insured funds on ARC and AOR. You can find more information on our approach and the changes by going to the Annual Review of Expenses 2023 ARC and AOR funds page

Additional expenses are on top of the annual management charge (AMC). Together, they form part of the ‘Fund Charge1’ for ARC and AOR funds. We have no control over most of these expenses.

1 This is on top of any product or adviser charge and includes a fixed management fee, plus expenses that vary with the day-to-day costs of running the fund. 

We’ve carried out a further review of additional expenses, and so we’ll be making further updates to the expenses for some of our insured funds. The PDF below shows all the funds impacted.

Please note that the Fund Charge we show in the PDF excludes any product or adviser charge and all charges shown are as at March 2024, unless otherwise stated.

What current investors need to do

Existing investors don’t need to do anything. If you’d like more information, please speak to your financial adviser. If you don’t have a financial adviser, you can visit moneyhelper.org.uk/choosing-a-financial-adviser to find the right one for you.