Now you’ve logged in, lets have a look at the Customer dashboard and product summary. Your dashboard may vary depending on whether you can manage your products or view only, where your financial adviser manages your products on your behalf. 

Your dashboard gives you an immediate overview of the products you hold on the platform. Whether you're on your dashboard or one of your products, at the top it shows the total value of the product(s) and the return since you invested with us, and whether that's up or down. We calculate the return using the money you’ve invested, the current value of the product(s) and before any deductions. The return percentage is that return value / money invested x 100.

If you can manage your products, you can access the processes you need by simply selecting View and manage from the product on your dashboard. This will take you through to your Product summary.

If you don't manage your product, you'll only have access to View the product details. 

Watch the video for more information. 

[00:00:05] Once you've activated your account, you're ready to get started. Log in to your account and you'll land on your dashboard. Here, you can find everything you need, with all information in one place. The dashboard is tailored to you and depends on the permissions you have.

[00:00:24] Here, we'll look at a customer who can manage the products they hold. If you have a financial adviser, you might have 'view only' access, as they support you with your financial planning and manage products on your behalf. Here you can see the total value of all your products and the return since you invested with us, and whether that's up or down. If you have a financial advisor, you'll find the details here.

[00:00:57] You can easily see what products you have, including the product name, value, and product number. We'll come back to 'view and manage' shortly. At the side you have quick links to online documents, latest status updates and product and investment gating. You can also access information about the investments we offer.

[00:01:27] Let's go back to see how you can manage your self invested personal pension. If you select 'view and manage' you'll get a summary of the product and you're able to make changes if you want to. You can see the value return and the financial advisor's details linked to this product. You can choose to top up, change existing investments, manage investment strategy, or select more actions to manage investment income and for equity trading. If you're paying a regular amount, we'll show that here, and when it's next due. If you want to make a change to the regular amount you're paying, you have easy access to the form you need to complete and send to us.

[00:02:18] You can also find out more about your investments, transaction history, online documents, and any ongoing charges you're paying to your financial advisor if you have one. There are also useful links to our fund research area, generate a review illustration, update your preferred retirement age, and access our retirement planner tool. This is a quick overview of your dashboard and product summary. You can also select 'account' to view and update your details if you need to.

[00:02:55] If you want to know more, visit our dedicated support page for useful information and watch other helpful videos. Once you've finished, remember to log out. This is your Aegon Retirement Choices and One Retirement experience. Simple, online and intuitive.