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You should only use the following help and support information if you're advising a client with an Aegon and Scottish Equitable pension and/or bond. Usually these have plan numbers containing six or seven numbers, excluding the zeros at the beginning, though some plan numbers may start with 'UP'. Simply enter your plan number to find out which type of plan you have.

If you’re looking for information on bonds please see our guide for bonds customers.

Individual client transactions

If you need help supporting your individual clients with any transactions like changing address, switching funds or taking cash lump sums you can visit our Individual client help and support page

Scheme management

If you need help on making changes to schemes see our Employer support page.


We've pulled together some commonly asked questions below.

When using Unipass please close down all open internet windows and start a new session by accessing the Aegon site directly at
Accessing the site through a search engine, bookmark or saved favourite can prevent Unipass from working correctly.

Your agency number can be found on a commission statement, if you require a reminder please email
Please don't email any personal, financial or banking information as it's not a secure method of communication. If you have a dedicated secure email service with Aegon, for example Unipass Mailock, please use this service.


Commonly used paper forms

To access uncrystallised funds pension lump sums (UFPLS) and small pots forms for your clients please go through our retirement planner to check your client is eligible.

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