With TargetPlan, we’re able to offer you a dependable workplace retirement savings scheme that suits client’s needs in a single scheme.  TargetPlan is designed to handle the complexities of larger employers and groups of companies who have different locations or divisions. 

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to client requirements. That’s why TargetPlan can manage situations including: 

  • Multiple payroll systems or different payroll cycles
  • Multiple pension contribution structures
  • Different investment structures
  • Payroll processes across multiple locations, divisions, or groups of employees.

A workplace retirement savings solution that suits your client

Our workplace retirement savings schemes are simple to set up, administer, and include flexible investment and retirement options.  

More ways to save

TargetPlan schemes can be set up to include a ​stocks and shares ISA – providing tax-efficient and flexible savings options. 

By offering a pension account and an ISA in one place, it allows your client’s employees to adapt their investments to suit their changing circumstances, during their working life and beyond. 

Flexible investments

TargetPlan includes the LifePath investment range – a range of target date funds that take account of when a member plans to retire and how they wish to access their pension savings. 

The range is managed by BlackRock and includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies, integrated as standard.

Other investment choices

Your clients can also select from a wider governed fund range. The Self Select range includes funds investing in all the major types of investments or asset classes, multi-asset funds, and ethical and Shariah compliant options. 

We’re also able to accommodate any adviser specific investment solutions outside of our existing range. Contact us to discuss your clients’ specific investment requirements.

The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and isn't guaranteed. The final value of a member's pension pot when they come to take benefits may be less than has been paid in.  Please see the fund factsheets for full details of where the funds invest and fund-specific risks.

Key benefits for you, your clients and their employees

TargetPlan enables you to tailor a workplace retirement savings solution that focuses on the needs of your client, and help their employees save and invest in the way that’s most appropriate for them.



Your clients can offer their employees a simple pension-only solution or combine their scheme with an ISA. There’s also full flexibility for members when they’re ready to take their benefits, including the ability to move into drawdown.

investment choice

Diverse investment choice

From a straightforward default solution, to our ‘self-select’ investments, we offer a wide selection of investment choice. 

digital device

Easy to manage

Your client will be able to easily manage their scheme with access to our straightforward online service as well as comprehensive reporting information.   

online experience

Online employee experience

Employees can view their pension online and use the mobile app at their convenience, so they can easily stay engaged with their plan. No matter how complex the scheme is, we’ll make sure members only see the information that’s relevant to them.


Management information

Our Member Insights online tool gives you and your client management information to help with scheme governance as well as the ability to send tailored messages to members to help address any governance actions. 

online tools

Resources to support auto-enrolment

Our dedicated team and simple-to-use tools can help employers feel confident managing their auto-enrolment duties, securely and reliably.  

employee engagement

Employee engagement

We can help your clients keep their employees engaged with communications that focus on the customer and use plain English. We use our customer panel to test our communications and use behavioural economics to drive member action.

Fund and investment choice

Providing a robust and sustainable default strategy appropriate to scheme members.