Financial wellbeing

At Aegon, we believe getting more people to access financial advice will improve their financial wellbeing. And our role is to help intermediaries encourage clients to plan for their futures – whatever that may bring. Here you'll find our latest research, guidance and support helping you to identify new advice opportunities.

What does it mean?

Financial wellbeing is how people feel about the control they have over their financial future and their relationship with money. It's about focusing on the things that make their life enjoyable and meaningful - both now and in retirement.

The following video is about Aegon and financial wellbeing and has a transcript (see below).

"If you get financial wellbeing right, it means you can spend your time doing things you love with the people you love, both now and in the future."

Ronnie Taylor, Chief Distribution Officer

We're proud to be the first founding partner member of the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing (IFW).

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The following video is about Aegon: Our Financial Wellbeing research and has a transcript (see below).

Money vs mindset

What we focus our mind on matters. Our short video introduces our Financial Wellbeing Index - an exciting initiative showcasing extensive research by our Centre for Behavioural Research into the nation's financial wellbeing.

We've created an in-depth digital flipbook for you to use with your clients helping you encourage them to think about what they need to live a happy and fulfilled life, and then with your expertise, consider how to fund it.

And, we've also created a summary guide of the research - Our insight into the nations financial wellbeing to support you in this changing landscape.

Try our new financial wellbeing tool with your clients to identify areas of their financial wellbeing you can work on together.


Who have had financial advice are more likely to agree they're doing everything to secure their financial future vs 37% who haven't1.


Who have taken advice are more likely to enjoy life because of the way they're managing their money vs 25% who haven't1.

1Source: Can financial advice impact financial wellbeing. Aegon's customer research carried out with 2,000 people, December 2019.

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