We’ve designed Aegon Retirement Choices and One Retirement as a modern and intuitive platform to put you in control of your clients’ financial futures, giving you the flexibility to manage wealth accumulation, workplace savings and retirement income through one single solution.

Here you'll find useful information, tips and videos to help you get set up and find your way around, as well as information about managing your clients' accounts, and the best way to contact us.

If you’ve tried to activate your account and you’re having difficulty you can call our dedicated activation number +44 (0) 3456 464 320 (call charges will vary).

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Find all the information you need including how to register for an Aegon Retirement Choices or One Retirement account and how to activate it.

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Here’s a couple of videos to get you started. You can find other helpful videos at Take a look around.

Once you've activated your account, watch our short video on getting started with your dashboard and product summary screens.

[00:08] When you log into your account and land on your dashboard, you can either search for your client using 'Search' at the top of the page, or select 'View all clients' at the bottom of the top five client section.

[00:22] Once you find the client you're looking for, select them and you'll see the client summary. It shows the total value the client holds on platform and the return since they took their first product out. There are useful client details and you can select to view your client's account screen if you want to view their profile.

[00:44] You'll also see all the products your client holds. At the side, you have the option to continue any requests you've previously started, but not finished for this client, access to their online documents, view latest status updates, or buy a new product. And you can access information on our website about the investments we offer. If you want more details on any of the products your client holds, simply select the product you want to view. For this one, we'll look at an ISA product summary.

[01:26] You can see the ISA value and the return since they took the ISA out. You have the option to top up, change existing investments, also known as switch, or manage the investment strategy. Select 'More actions' to see what else you can access for the ISA. You can manage regular money out, download the form for a one off withdrawal, manage the income from their investments, and also carry out equity trading. All easily accessible from this section.

[02:02] At a glance, you can see what ISA allowance is remaining for the current tax year. If your client is paying money in regularly to their product or taking regular withdrawals, we'll show details of that here too. At the bottom, you have different tabs. You can see the investments the ISA is currently invested in and how much is in each, take a look at transaction history, access their online documents, and view ongoing charges. This is a quick view of client summary and product summary.

[02:44] You can visit the support page for more information or to view other helpful videos. This is your Aegon Retirement Choices and One Retirement experience. Simple, online and intuitive.

Additional support

If you have a question about activation or online processes and can’t find and answer here, getting in touch using web chat is the best way to reach us.

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+44 (0) 3456 464 320

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Call charges will vary.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm
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Email: arccustomercare@aegon.co.uk

Please don't email any personal, financial or banking information as it's not a secure method of communication. If you have a dedicated secure email service with Aegon, for example Unipass Mailock, please use this service.

We're always here to help, so if your personal circumstances mean you need additional support, please contact us to discuss the services you need.

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These support pages are for anyone who logs in using their email address. If you haven’t activated your new account and log in using an 8-digit number, please visit our support page.