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Don’t let unexpected eventualities hit your clients, their families, or their lifestyle. Our Personal Protection menu can help them maintain their family finances as best as possible if they become critically ill, unable to work due to accident or illness, or die.

Our Personal Protection menu

Our menu of options lets you shape your clients' cover to meet their individual needs. We offer:

  • a choice of lump-sum and family income benefits, including life protection1, critical illness protection1, and life with critical illness protection1;
  • cover for possible inheritance tax liabilities with our gift inter vivos benefit;
  • income protection with a choice of benefit payment periods - either two years or full term to the benefit end date;
  • a lump sum death payment of £5,000 to your client's family if they die while we're paying their income protection benefit - to help ease any financial strain;
  • a multi-benefit and/or multi-policy discount that increases with the number of benefits your clients take out in one application;
  • guaranteed insurability options allowing clients, in certain circumstances, to increase their level of cover without further underwriting because their circumstances have changed;
  • a life replacement option for joint-life first death policies, allowing the insured person who hasn't claimed to take out a new single-life policy to continue their life cover without providing more medical information, and
  • access to Policy Plus - our range of support services available at no additional cost, whenever your clients or their immediate family needs them.

1Lump-sum benefits are also available on a reducing basis.

We'll automatically include up to £300,000 accidental death benefit for 90 days, with all benefits except gift inter vivos.

You can see what additional options are available for each of our main benefits in our Personal Protection for your clients and their family flyer(Opens new window).

Underwriting and claims expertise

Our dedicated underwriters are experts in their field, so we can make sure that the most complex scenarios, including applications for large sums insured, are covered.

We paid over £139 million in claims, helping 1,584 families and businesses in 2020.

We've signed up to the Protection Distributors Group's Claims Charter and Funeral Pledge.

Explore our faster, smarter online service

If you haven’t yet experienced our improved online service, you’ll also benefit from:

  • quicker underwriting decisions;
  • estimated prices as you progress through an application – letting you quickly see the impact of client disclosures, helping you manage cost expectations from the start, and
  • a seamless experience across all devices and browsers.

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