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Flexibility is at the heart of our Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) fund range. With around 4,5001 investment options, it caters for savers with different investment needs – whether they’re building savings, approaching retirement or taking an income.

It offers choice when you need it and simplicity when you don’t, letting you build sophisticated portfolios or use quality off-the-shelf solutions.

Reasons to invest:

  • Access our Risk-Managed Portfolios, OEIC funds which we actively manage and rebalance so you don’t have to.
  • A wide range of investment types, with many funds available in a SIPP, ISA or GIA.
  • Over 200 funds that consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.
  • Aegon funds that are backed by our Funds Promise.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise. Investors may get back less than they invest.

1As at July 2021

Our range of six Risk-Managed Portfolios provide access to expert asset allocation, risk-management and robust governance while offering a complete investment solution in a single fund.

They're available to Aegon Retirement Choices, One Retirement, and Aegon Platform investors.  Available as insured and OEIC versions, you can use them for pension, ISA and GIA clients. 

For those who want choice, we offer a diverse and flexible range that lets you build portfolios to help meet even bespoke savings needs.

The range includes:

  • Insured funds - SIPP only
  • Collectives
  • Equities
  • Investment trusts
  • Exchange-traded funds

Many of our investments can be used across product wrappers, be that in a SIPP, ISA or GIA account, so you can choose the right investments, in the right wrapper. See which fund types can be used in each wrapper.

And our comprehensive options – which range from investment comparison and monitoring tools to model portfolios – help you make the most of the extensive choice available.

Explore the fund range Explore the fund range

ARC offers you access to a wide selection of discretionary fund managers (DFMs).

Using DFMs on ARC enhances your client offering, lets you work more efficiently and reduces your business risk.  

Please note, Aegon doesn’t recommend or endorse any particular DFM provider available through ARC.

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If you choose a fund managed by Aegon it's backed by full fund governance.

These funds are monitored by us to check whether they’re offering quality and performance consistent with our Funds Promise. This offers you and your clients a degree of reassurance not normally associated with platform investing.

This includes insured pension fund whose names typically start with 'Aegon' or 'Scottish Equitable', and OEICs whose names start 'LF Aegon'.

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