We offer flexible trust-based pension schemes with robust governance. And we never compromise on the quality of support we provide – whether your clients choose our full administration service or not. 

A partner trustees can rely on

Pension trustees face an increased burden of governance, reporting duties, and individual responsibility. So, it’s essential that every trust-based scheme has an expert administrative and investment partner they can rely on. 

Trustees have the freedom to decide how they want us to support them. TargetPlan offers a flexible trust-based scheme. For some, we play an investment-only role. For others, we provide a full provider and administrative service. Whatever is required, we can tailor our service to each scheme’s needs.

Administration and client relationship

Our administration team has extensive experience of providing day-to-day administrative support to trust-based schemes. They use the flexible ‘Compass’ system to meet the specific needs of each employer.

Engagement, communication and account management support are all available to trust-based schemes in whatever combination the trustees choose.

As a provider of workplace solutions, we can support reporting cycles and provide regular updates to trustees. We do this to save time for the trustees and make it as simple as possible for them to fulfil their core duties of collecting contributions, investing scheme assets, and paying member benefits.

Trustee governance

With an own trust-based pension, your client can independently appoint a group of trustees to run their scheme. The trustee board delivers robust governance to help ensure positive member outcomes. 

A trust-based plan gives your clients’ members the security that their pension assets are legally ring-fenced. So, they'll get their pension even if your client’s business runs into difficulties. 

Compared to a contract-based pension or a master trust, a trust-based scheme requires more significant investment from employers, who will need to support the board of trustees.  

Aegon Master Trust

If your client wants trustee oversight, but doesn’t have the resources to appoint their own trustee board, our master trust may be more suited to their needs. With a master trust, the trustee services, governance and administration are shared with other employers, reducing operating costs.