Our GIA complements your clients' existing portfolios and offers over 4,000 investment opportunities (as at 31 December 2023).

Get more from saving

Our GIA is a non-tax wrapped account that gives access to a broad range of investments, with no upper limit on the amount that can be invested.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • A flexible investment account that your clients can use to hold a broad range of investments within a single account.
  • Must be aged 18 or over and UK resident.
  • No limit to how much your clients can invest.
  • Add up to four joint holders.
  • Can be used to pay fees and charges by redirecting charges from some other products to the cash facility of the GIA, protecting the tax benefits of other products.

The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and isn't guaranteed. Your client could get back less than they invest.

Although the GIA has no fixed term, your client should be prepared to hold the investment for at least five years, ideally longer.

How to apply

Your client can invest into a GIA online, or you can invest online on behalf of your client. The guide Submitting ISA and GIA business on the Aegon Platform helps get you started submitting GIA business, including the creation of a new client, corporate GIA and Trust GIA information, retrieving quotes and how to take income from a GIA on behalf of your client.

Looking for something else?

Take a look at our guides for step-by-step instructions of the Aegon Platform's key online transactions.