Workplace Solutions - flexible member financial planning

For financial advisers only

Total wealth management in the workplace

Our Workplace Solutions lets your clients offer a workplace saving proposition that’s either focused on pensions – or that offers a complete lifetime savings solution.

Using the Aegon Platform, employers can provide access to our flexible self-invested personal pension (SIPP). Alternatively, they can give some, or all, of their employees access to a tax-efficient individual savings account (ISA) and flexible general investment account (GIA) as well.

By offering SIPPs, ISAs and GIAs, Workplace Solutions can allow employees to address all their investment needs in one place – during their working life and beyond.

Why Workplace Solutions for your clients?

Quite simply, Workplace Solutions makes it easy for employers to help employees save and invest in the way that’s most appropriate for them:

  • Proposition flexibility - employers can use the Aegon digital platform to offer employees a simple pension-only (SIPP) solution and/or a full wealth management service combining SIPPs, ISAs and GIAs.
  • Investment choice - investment options range from our straightforward ‘default’ solution for members who don’t want to make an investment choice to a comprehensive ‘self-select’ investment range comprising funds, shares and investment trusts.
  • ‘Gating’ facility - employers can control the investment choice offered to each member, including the ability to create tiered solutions within the same scheme.
  • Transparent and capped charges - a scheme can have the same competitive administration charge across all savings products - and impose a cap on the charges members will pay, both before and after retirement.

UK platform to support employers

Central to Workplace Solutions is the Aegon platform - the UK's largest investment platform. Offering an intuitive user interface, it allows members to track their investment progress at any time, download reports, set up and switch investments and move easily from building up their pension pot to generating a retirement income.

Supporting employers

To help employers meet their governance and auto-enrolment duties, Workplace Solutions also includes two essential online tools:

  • SmartEnrol supports the enrolment and re-enrolment of eligible employees into the pension scheme, relieving employers of this time-consuming regulatory requirement.
  • Member Insights helps employers meet their ongoing governance responsibilities. It provides easy to understand reports to let them understand the retirement savings position of members and enables them to take corrective action through campaigns.