Portfolio Management team

Aegon's Portfolio Management team is responsible for managing our Risk-Managed funds. The team has over 60 years' combined industry experience. It's focussed on making sure we have the right component funds in our portfolios, and asset allocations capable of delivering the best return possible within each fund's mandate. 

The team believes that:

  • markets are not fully efficient;
  • a long-term view is crucial to successful investing;
  • valuations are a key determinant of long-term returns for equities and bonds, and
  • asset allocation is a key driver of portfolio volatility and return.
“Our job is to help customers achieve a lifetime of financial security. My first responsibility is to manage risk appropriately for each fund in my charge.”

Richard Whitehall
Head of Portfolio Management

Investment credentials

Aegon has been managing multi-asset strategies since 1983. Today these strategies are relied on by 1.1 million customers and have over £19.7 billion under management (as at July 2020).

Our Portfolio Management team has combined industry experience of 60 years. The team is headed by Richard Whitehall, formerly Portfolio Manager for Morningstar in the EMEA region, where he co-managed the group’s discretionary managed multi-asset income portfolios along with the group’s passive and governed portfolios. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

Independent input and choice

Aegon has the freedom to choose fund components from the whole of the market – our portfolios aren’t tied to in-house funds. They can also select external consultants for asset allocation and other specialist advice.

This means they can swap funds in and out of portfolios where they feel they’re no longer meeting the overall portfolio objectives and can call on external expertise to provide asset allocation advice.

We believe this makes our portfolios among the most versatile on the market.

Asset allocation input from Morningstar1

The Portfolio Management team consults Morningstar for advice on asset allocation for the Risk-Managed Portfolios.

The Morningstar Investment Management group has $246.9 billion assets under management and advisement worldwide. It is a leading provider of asset allocation, portfolio construction and investment research services, with 96 investment professionals across the globe.

Its award-winning methodology has won numerous accolades, including 10 Graham Dodd awards. We chose Morningstar because of the breadth and depth of its research capabilities and an investment ethos that closely matches our own.

Information correct as at December 2020.

1"Morningstar" refers to the Morningstar Investment Management Group, which includes Morningstar Investment Management Europe Limited, an FCA regulated firm, which is the entity providing the advice.

The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and isn't guaranteed. Your client could get back less than they invest.