We're delighted to partner with NextWealth to deliver a benchmark on current practices and approaches to managing lifetime wealth and identifying the trends shaping the retirement industry. 

Retirement advice market insights

To support with the launch of the fifth edition of our report into the retirement advice market in partnership with NextWealth, we've delved into the key trends from the research with our video series. 

Steven Cameron (Pensions Director, Aegon UK) hosts with Heather Hopkins (Managing Director, NextWealth) and Richard Parkin (Independent Retirement Consultant) talking through the latest trends in the industry. 

Our videos are delivered in short chapters each around the 15 minute mark and by watching the full series, you may be eligible for up to an hour of unstructured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) time. 

Our panel focus on the key challenges faced with the current cost of living and macroeconomic environment, as they talk through the key trends identified in our latest NextWealth report into the retirement advice market.

Our panel focus on the key trends identified in our latest NextWealth report into the retirement advice market and specifically the demand for retirement advice.

New for this year, our panel contrast views from both advised clients and advisers using the key findings from our latest NextWealth report into the retirement advice market.

Our panel discuss the latest impact of the New Consumer Duty on retirement advice trends identified through our latest NextWealth report.

Our panel reflect on five years of our NextWealth report, with a look back and a look ahead to what the future of the retirement advice market might look like. 

NextWealth report – edition five 2023

Now in its fifth year, our latest NextWealth Managing Lifetime Wealth: retirement planning in the UK report is available to view. 

With a backdrop of economic uncertainty, and a cost of living crisis to contend with, our research delves into the impact on demand for retirement advice and the retirement advice industry as a whole. 

We hope the report provides useful insight into the retirement advice industry and some of the latest views on the biggest industry trends:

  • The cost of living and macroeconomic outlook.
  • The latest on the new Consumer Duty.
  • Clients' objectives, hopes and fears.
  • Retirement advice strategy, techniques, and tools.
  • Investment approach and products used, including DFM, CRP and ESG funds.
  • Latest trends in the DB transfer advice market.
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We’re committed to provide insight to you and your business to help support clients through the challenges they face. 


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