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Aegon Partnership Sales UK map

Jonny Earl (RAMT)

Phone: 07590 071410
Email: jonathan.earl@aegon.co.uk

Allan Yates (RAM)

Phone: 07879 134992
Email: allan.yates@aegon.co.uk

Steve Brisco (RAMT)

Phone: 0161 874 4005
Email: stephen.brisco@aegon.co.uk

Ben Taylor (RAM)

Phone: 07740 897388
Email: ben.taylor@aegon.co.uk

Alfred Filippidi (RAMT) 

Phone: 0161 874 4083
Email: alfred.filippidi@aegon.co.uk

Victor Olaseni (RAM)

Phone: 07740 897914
Email: victor.olaseni@aegon.co.uk

Matt Newton (RAMT)

Phone: 07557 741490
Email: matthew.newton@aegon.co.uk

Jeremy Chandler (RAM)

Phone: 07740 897566
Email: jeremy.chandler@aegon.co.uk

Chris Bateson (RAMT)

Phone: 07920 251520
Email: chris.bateson@aegon.co.uk

Nick Casey (RAM)

Phone: 07816 070998
Email: nick.casey@aegon.co.uk

Jason Davies (RAMT)

Phone: 0161 874 4092
Email: jason.davies@aegon.co.uk

David Suddes (RAM)

Phone: 07740 897935
Email: david.suddes@aegon.co.uk

Paul Wright (RAMT)

Phone: 0161 874 4091
Email: paul.wright@aegon.co.uk

Adrian Denton (RAM)

Phone: 07740 897841
Email: adrian.denton@aegon.co.uk

Jason Lomas (RAMT)

Phone: 0161 874 4003
Email: jason.lomas@aegon.co.uk

Aimee Searle (RAM)

Phone: 07778 054023
Email: aimee.searle@aegon.co.uk

Call charges will vary. 

For any general enquiries, you can contact:

Adviser Solutions
Su-ann Pauline (RAMT)
Megan Richardson (RAMT)
03456 100083, option 1, option 1

Please don’t email any personal, financial or banking information as it’s not a secure method of communication. If you have a dedicated secure email service with Aegon, for example Unipass Mailock, please use this service.


RAMT - Regional Account Manager Telephony
RAM - Regional Account Manager