We understand efficient, streamlined, intuitive back-office capabilities are vital to your business. That’s why we’ve worked closely with leading suppliers of back office and point of sale systems to integrate the Aegon Platform with your business.

Features and benefits at a glance

Depending on your system provider, we may offer the following automated tasks:

  • Update all your clients’ valuations in one go.
  • Real-time valuations.
  • Transaction history.
  • Fee reconciliation.
  • Seamless, online trading.

Key benefits:

  • Saves time — reduces the need to find and enter client data, minimises errors and exposure to risk.
  • Reduces administration and increases efficiency in maintaining client and investment data.
  • Enhanced data available for reporting to strengthen client engagement.
  • Assists in provision of an accurate audit trail to help meet compliance and HMRC reporting requirements.

Origo Integration Hub

Since we joined the Origo Integration Hub, we can now send daily information for valuations and transactions, and weekly fees and charges files to any system that also connects to the Integration Hub for these services. 

Plus, we also support the account opening services for third-party systems through the Origo Integration Hub. This allows information entered into your third-party system to pre-populate into Aegon Platform transactions. This is available for new applications, top ups, switches and sell to cash instructions.

Find out more about how we connect with the Origo Integration Hub and the benefits to your business in our guide.

Integrated partners and back-office system providers

The table below shows a list of integrated partners and back-office system providers that work with the Aegon Platform, and the tasks you can perform. We're continually working with providers to expand the list and the tasks you can do and we'll update the table regularly.

Integration partner/back office system provider Contract enquiry
(single client, on demand)
Bulk valuations Bulk transactions Fees and charges Account opening
Adviser Cloud - - -
Assyst Software - - -
Contengo1 - - -
Creative Technologies / Benchmark1 - - - -
Dynamic Planner - - - -
Durell Software - - - -
FigureOut - - -
Focus Business Solutions Ltd1 - - - -
intelliflo office1 - -
Iress - Xplan - -
JCS - - Manual upload -
Moneyhub - - - -
moneyinfo limited - - -
Plannr1 - - - -
Plum Software - - -
Prestwood Professional/Truth - - -
Selectapension1 - - - -
Sprint Enterprise Technology Ltd – Fastrak - - -
Synaptic Software1 - - - -
Time4Advice - - -
True Potential - - Manual upload -
Twenty7tec - - -
WealthObjects - AdviceObjects1 - - - -
Wealthcraft1 - - - -

1 Integration Partners who receive their bulk data or account opening service(s) from us through Origo Integration Hub.

Contact us

We have a dedicated team on hand to help you get the most out of your software and support you with set up and ongoing training. For more information please speak to your usual Aegon contact.