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You can find helpful information about contacting us through our dedicated support pages. Select your audience type from the three options above and then select your proposition. This will navigate you to the relevant options to contact us. If you do not know what proposition/product you have with us, please use the Product finder on your dedicated audience support page. 

The Product finder on your dedicated audience support page will help you find your product if you are not sure which one you use. It will also give you the option to remember your product so that then next time you need to login or get support it will be easier to find the product you use. 

Where you sign in depends on which platform you are with at Aegon. To find out more about logging in to one of our digital services, select your audience type on support, select the platform or service relevant to you and follow the login journey. 

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Financial priorities have shifted dramatically in the last six months as the UK attempts to get a grip on rising inflation and the cost of living crisis. If you're concerned about the impact of the cost of living crisis or global events impacting market volatility, we have lots of support available to help you. Visit our customer cost of living hub to find out more. 

You can find your unique customer number on your Aegon policy documents, statement or a letter we've sent you. This number may also be referred to as your policy number, plan number, investor ID, wrapper number, account number or investor number. Once you have found this, you can then use the finder on our customer support page to locate your platform, contact details and support right for you. 

We’re sorry to hear that something hasn’t gone to plan. Find out how to make a complaint on our dedicated complaints page. 

All of our services have a secure website for you to log in to and manage your products. Where you log in depends on your platform or service.

To find out more about logging in to one of our online services, select your audience type on our login page, select the platform relevant to you and follow the login journey. 

You can make changes to your account by contacting us. In some cases, you may need to send us an original or certified copy of a document as well. Find out more about what you’ll need to provide.

Find out how to protect your retirement savings from pension scams, get handy online security tips and find out the latest scams and online fraud.

Find out more about consolidation in our Guide to consolidation. 

To top up your private or workplace pension, you can make both regular contributions and one-off lump sum payments to your Aegon policy.

To find out more about topping up your pension, select your audience type above and then select the platform or service right for you.

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Your activation journey will depend on if you are an individual customer, a financial adviser or an employer.

To find out more, select your audience type above, select the platform or service right for you and follow the dedicated activation journey. 

You can find out more about accessing your pension in our customer guide to accessing your savings