• Aegon and Pension Geeks have created Pension Geeks TV: a digital platform that supports financial wellbeing and education, with the pilot events reaching an audience of over 3,500 customers.
  • The events saw 1,000s of digital interactions and 100s of questions being asked of the expert panel.
  • Pension Geeks are the multi-award winning founders of Pension Awareness Week, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September 2023.

When it comes to member engagement, Aegon are industry trailblazers. And with live, interactive studio TV shows, Pension Geeks TV (PGTV) further demonstrates why Aegon lead the way in the workplace. The video content is also available on-demand for members to catch up via the PGTV platform.

Recent TV topics include Managing your money in uncertain times – a show focused on how to feel in better control of your money, Where is my money invested? which looks at how pensions are invested and why fund choice is important, and What is responsible investing? a show hosted in partnership with Make My Money Matter, a people-powered campaign that believes pension investments should have a positive impact on the planet.

Aegon members will be invited to regular PGTV shows throughout 2023 and beyond. During these sessions, Pension Geeks will be joined by experts from Aegon and across the wider industry to share knowledge and provide insight on a host of financial topics – with the overall aim of improving people’s understanding of money & recognising the value of the benefits provided by their employer.

To complement PGTV, Aegon are also hosting various ‘How to’ webinars – live events designed to help members boost their engagement. Based upon the learnings from the Pension Geeks TV sessions, these webinars will explore the different tools available online, and provide explanations and demonstrations of contributions, consolidation, the suite of investment choices and different retirement options available to them.

These developments with PGTV come in the midst of a busy time for Aegon as they accelerate a roadmap of delivery – with recent enhancements being made to the App, core on-line journeys and the range of investment solutions provided.

Andy Manson, Chief Marketing Officer at Aegon UK, comments:

“It is two years since Aegon bought Pension Geeks and in that time the team have been hard at work building what we believe is a game changing financial education proposition. We expect Pension Geeks TV to transform our customers’ understanding of their pensions and provide employers with a unique way to engage colleagues with their benefits.

The launch of PGTV is a major milestone and we have been blown away by the level of engagement with the shows. We’re excited to build on this as we work towards our vision of providing a truly personalised, educational member experience.

Rachel Parkinson, Head Geek at Pension Geeks, says:

“We're on a crusade to help employees get to grips with their pension and feel more in control of their money. Pension Geeks TV is the ideal platform to provide crucial financial content and to truly connect with people. It's been created and will continue to be enhanced based on feedback from the hundreds of thousands of people we've engaged with through our workplace activities and the Pension Awareness Campaign which takes place in September.

“We want all workplaces to tune into us. We’re proud to have created PGTV which is a truly unique member experience – there’s nothing in the market quite like this. Our programming has just started, we’ve got more exciting things to come in the way of supporting employees, watch this space!”

About Aegon and Pension Geeks

  • In the UK, Aegon offers pension, investment and protection solutions to over 3.8 million customers. Aegon employs over 2,000 people in the UK and together with around 1,000 people employed by Atos, we serve the needs of our customers. More information: www.aegon.co.uk. Figures correct as at 31/12/2021.
  • Aegon UK is part of the wider Aegon Group, based in the Netherlands, whose roots go back to the first half of the nineteenth century. Since then, Aegon has grown into an international business, with over 31 million customers in multiple countries and EUR 1.02 trillion of revenue generating investments (as at 30/12/2021). More information on www.aegon.com.
  • Pension Geeks were founded in 2014 and acquired by Aegon in 2021. As engagement specialists, Pension Geeks aim to help employers and financial services providers create events and communication programmes to encourage people to engage with their savings. More information can be found at pensiongeeks.com.

The information in this press release is intended solely for journalists and shouldn’t be relied upon by any other persons to make financial decisions.


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