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Welcome to our media centre.  Here you’ll find our latest UK press releases, industry news and images, as well as our views on how we can help the UK achieve a lifetime of financial security. We also have an archive of our press releases going back three years.  Please note that information in past press releases may now be out of date.

For press enquiries please contact one of our of PR Managers:

Jonathan Henderson, Head of PR

0131 549 3578

0797 240 4252


Stephanie Melrose, PR Manager

0131 549 6743

0774 089 7621


Neil Cameron, PR Manager

0131 549 3393

0797 240 3757


Alex Messis, PR Manager (for investment media enquiries)

0131 549 2920

  • Mike Holliday-Williams, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jim Ewing, Chief Risk Officer
  • Dougy Grant, Managing Director Existing Business
  • Stephen McGee, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ronnie Taylor, Chief Distribution Officer
  • Mark Till, Managing Director Digital Solutions
  • Steven Cameron, Regulatory Strategy Director
  • Stephen Crosbie, Protection Director
  • Nick Dixon, Investment Director
  • Simon Jacobs, Protection Operational Oversight Director
  • Tim Orton, Managing Director Investment Solutions
  • Kate Smith, Regulatory Strategy Manager
  • Linda Whorlow, Managing Director Workplace

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