Aegon Master Trust 

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Making expert governance affordable and simple 

As the focus on pension governance intensifies, many employers are looking for a cost-efficient defined contribution (DC) solution with a governance structure that meets both their business needs and the retirement needs of their workforce.

The Aegon Master Trust is a full-service DC solution that offers the convenience of a contract arrangement, with all the governance advantages of a trust-based scheme. It allows your corporate clients to entrust pension governance to professional trustees at a potentially significantly lower cost than maintaining a board of trustees in-house. 

Administration and accreditation

Master trust administration is provided by our experienced team based in Peterborough using the highly-regarded Compass administration system.

The Aegon Master Trust is accredited by the master trust assurance framework(Opens new window) – a voluntary framework providing an independent review against an industry-wide quality standard agreed by The Pensions Regulator.

Investment choice

  • Customised fund choice - for clients that wish to create a customised investment solution, the Aegon Master Trust allows for considerable governance input and investment flexibility. Our fund range spans the full spectrum of asset classes, markets and investment styles – from active to passive, sector-specialist to multi-asset. See the full range here.

    Alternatively, employers can work with their own investment consultant and the independent trustee to customise a fund range.
  • Governed fund choice - for employers that don’t want to participate in scheme investment governance, the independent trustee has selected 17 funds including our three LifePath target date funds and 13 standalone funds to accommodate a broad range of member risk profiles – see the full list below.
  • Aegon BlackRock LifePath Flexi (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock LifePath Capital (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock LifePath Retirement (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock Market Advantage (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock 30/70 Currency Hedged Global Equity Index
  • Aegon Property
  • Aegon BlackRock Diversified Growth (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock UK Equity Index (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock World (ex-UK) Equity Index (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock Emerging Markets Equity Index (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock Corporate Bond (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock Over 15 Years Gilt Index (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock Over 5 Years Index-Linked Gilt Index (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock Cash (BLK)
  • Aegon HSBC Islamic Global Equity Index (BLK)
  • Aegon BlackRock Pre-Retirement (BLK)
  • Aegon LGIM Ethical Global Equity Index (BLK)

Master trust pricing

We offer a range of flexible pricing options for master trusts. Pricing is assessed on scheme-specific factors including number of members, contribution levels, average member age, average salaries, existing assets and the type of ceding scheme.

Our administration and investment costs can be fully priced into the investment funds themselves, or employers can choose to pay per-capita record-keeping fees to reduce or eliminate the charges otherwise paid by members.

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