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LifePath – a simpler, flexible approach to retirement saving

TargetPlan aims to ensure that every member has access to an optimal investment strategy to help grow their retirement pot, whatever their lifestage and retirement goals.

To achieve this, TargetPlan incorporates the LifePath investment range. LifePath is a range of target date funds that take full account of when a member plans to retire and how they wish to access their pension savings.

LifePath offers three lifestyling options: 

LifePath Flexi

For members planning to leave their savings invested in retirement and drawdown income from them.

LifePath Retirement

For members planning to secure a guaranteed retirement income using an annuity.

LifePath Capital

For members planning to take their retirement savings as a cash lump sum at their target retirement age.

During the early years, capital is invested in the same growth assets, regardless of which LifePath option is selected. Each LifePath fund is then structured to adapt to the member’s chosen retirement date and plans, balancing the need for capital growth with an emphasis on controlling investment risk at each stage of the retirement journey. 

LifePath is managed by BlackRock, which uses a longer glide path than many other target date funds. De-risking starts 35 years from retirement and then accelerates when the member has ten years left until they wish to retire.

Other fund choices

In addition to LifePath, TargetPlan offers 120 insured funds from BlackRock and other external managers. These include a Governed Fund List(Opens new window) specifically selected for inclusion in the Aegon Master Trust.

If your corporate clients have a specific fund need, or require a blended investment solution, we are happy to see how we can accommodate their requirements within TargetPlan.

Whatever your client’s investment choice, our client team will provide regular updates and reporting to ensure both employers and members are kept up-to-date with the investments in their scheme.