TargetPlan - the clear master trust solution

For financial advisers only

Managing complex employee requirements

TargetPlan is expressly designed to support large employers and group companies by providing a workplace pension solution that can be configured to deal with any level of complexity or any corporate structure.

For instance, the system can be configured to allow for multiple employers within a scheme; multiple payroll sites; different payroll cycles; multiple pension contribution structures; different HR and payroll processes; and, different investment structures. Plus, with a member-specific online view, each member only sees the information that’s relevant to them.

Supporting the workplace savings needs of UK employers, both large and small

TargetPlan is widely used by employers who want to base their workplace pension in a master trust and is fully authorised by The Pensions Regulator(Opens new window).

Contract and trust-based solutions

TargetPlan also supports contract-based DC arrangements, offering them the same administrative flexibility as the master trust.

Trust-based pension schemes seeking a third-party administrator to underpin their scheme can also look to TargetPlan to provide market-leading administrative and investment-only services.

LifePath target date funds

TargetPlan includes LifePath, a range of target date funds tailored to adapt to each member’s retirement date and plans.

LifePath offers three investment journeys:

LifePath Flexi

For members wishing to take a flexible income at retirement using flexi-access drawdown.

LifePath Retirement

For members planning to buy a guaranteed retirement income using an annuity.

LifePath Capital

For members planning to take their retirement savings as a cash lump sum at their target retirement age.

Other investment choices

Employers using TargetPlan can also select from a wider Governed fund range, which includes ESG and Shariah compliant options. TargetPlan can also be adapted to accommodate any investment requirements your clients have that fall outside the existing fund range. Contact us to discuss your clients’ specific investment requirements.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and the final value of a members pension pot when they come to take benefits could be less than has been paid in.