Financial wellbeing in the workplace

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The mental health and physical wellbeing of employees have been topics high on the agenda for many employers for some time.

Increasingly, there’s a third consideration which many employers are taking into account when thinking about employees' needs – and that's their financial wellbeing.

What do we mean by financial wellbeing?

When we talk about financial wellbeing, we’re really talking about people’s control over their finances, their ability to respond to financial unpredictability and unexpected financial expense, and their ability to meet financial goals and make choices that allow them to enjoy life.

We’ve set out to quantify some of the issues associated with financial wellbeing and how it varies across the country, between different age groups and industry sectors. Based on this information we want to provide employers with actionable insights on the ways in which they can support employees to engage with their finances.

Our partnership with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR)

We’ve partnered with CEBR to try and quantify some of the issues associated with financial wellbeing. In particular, we wanted to look at the average financial wellbeing score across a range of industries, and also the impact of poor financial wellbeing on productivity in the workplace.

We hope that you’ll find this report to be a useful resource for you when considering the challenges that your clients' employees are facing, but also the support and benefits that they’re looking for from their employer.

The following video is about Financial wellbeing in the workplace and has a transcript (see below).

What are we encouraging employers to do?