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Making workplace savings work hard for employers 

Workplace pension provision can be a powerful means to help employers attract and retain talent. But at the same time, regulatory requirements such as auto-enrolment have put administrative, governance and reporting pressures on employers that need to be carefully managed.

Workplace Solutions is designed to help employers deliver a workplace savings scheme that enhances their standing as an employer but also creates minimal disruption to their core business.

Features to support employers include:

  • UK’s largest investment platform – using online technology and straight-through processing to simplify administration, reduce paperwork and increase business efficiency.
  • A self-serve proposition – enabling employers to give their workforce direct access to a secure, simple-to-use platform to manage and keep track of their SIPPs, ISAs and GIAs.
  • A comprehensive fund range – including default options, lifestyling/target date funds and wide choice of funds for members to select themselves.
  • SmartEnrol – a powerful tool to help employers manage all their auto-enrolment duties online by automating key tasks.
  • Member Insights –  a time-saving online governance tool to help employers meet their ongoing reporting duties.

Once a scheme is set up, we work extensively with employers to ensure that it's working well and to assess where employee engagement could unlock further value. 

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