For financial advisers only

Keep track of every scheme you advise on

As a workplace savings adviser, we understand it’s vital for you to keep track of the schemes you have helped to set up so you can flag up trends to employers and assess whether target outcomes are being achieved.

Our service ReportZone is designed to give you total oversight of the schemes in which you are involved by delivering instant management information (MI). As soon as you log on to ReportZone you can instantly view scheme names, total values and number of members. 

Then, by selecting a specific scheme you can:

  • access online and downloadable member documentation
  • upload data and print pre-sales illustrations for prospective employees
  • access and generate a range of reports covering financial information, membership details, contribution details, and investment details.

All data is anonymised to maintain confidentiality.

Using ReportZone to support your clients

By providing a holistic view of each workplace pension scheme, ReportZone can allow you to add more insight and value to your employer relationships.

For example:

  • scheme contribution data can help you advise employers as to whether greater employee engagement and education is required;
  • scheme investment data can help determine whether the choice of funds in a scheme is still suitable for, and attractive to, employees, and
  • understanding how many employees are close to retirement can help you to assess the need and timing of pre-retirement seminars and workshops.

In this way, you can easily maintain a full overview of each scheme and ensure it continues to meet the goals and responsibilities of your client.