Real-time pension scheme information – in an instant

To manage your pension scheme efficiently, comprehensive, real-time management information (MI) about members, investments and contribution trends is essential. 

ReportZone, our free service, provides you with instant online reporting to help you stay fully informed about your scheme and member activity.

You can log into ReportZone at any time to day to generate instant, up-to-the-minute reports on:

  • financial information, such as scheme value, number of members, number and value of transfers and single contributions;
  • membership details – number of members  who are active, on a contribution break or are leaving;
  • number of members due to retire;
  • how contributions are split – total contributions, employer and employee contributions;
  • investment information – asset value, number of members invested in a particular fund;
  • charges taken on the scheme.

All data is anonymised to maintain confidentiality.

Using ReportZone to support your business

By providing a holistic view of your workplace pension scheme, ReportZone can enable you to manage your scheme members’ needs more effectively.

For example:

  • understanding how many employees are close to retirement can help with succession planning and assessing potential need for pre-retirement seminars and workshops;
  • scheme contribution profile data can help identify if members should be paying in more  - helping you decide if more  employee engagement and education is needed;
  • scheme investment profile data can highlight whether the existing choice of fund/s  in your scheme is suitable for all employees.

Data is presented in easy-to-understand graphs and tables along with a brief summary of the findings, all of which can be viewed online, exported and printed as required.

You can run reports as often as you require - we recommend employers run ReportZone quarterly.